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Music Therapy Services

Summit Music Therapy is committed to providing the highest quality music therapy services in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.

Services are provided in the home or school. Summit Music Therapy abides by the American Music Therapy Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Music Therapy Session types include:

  • Assessments
  • Individual Sessions
  • Consultations
An assessment of cognitive, physical, psychological, and social abilities will be completed for all new clients.

Assessment reports will be submitted to the parent/guardians and designated individuals and facilities.

Assessments may include consultations with current care providers and therapists. The assessment process typically takes one week to complete and will determine if music can be considered as a therapeutic tool for the client.

Individual music therapy sessions target an individual’s cognitive, physical, communication, and psychological goals.

At-home, in-school, and clinic sessions are available.

Individual sessions typically last between one-half hour and one hour.

Music therapy consultations are provided for parents, facilities, and schools looking to add music to motivate, structure, or modify behavior, beyond the scope of private music therapy sessions.

Consultations target functional goals and provide “program songs” in order to aid in learning, behavior, communication, and social interaction. These program songs can be utilized in the child’s normal settings, providing a valuable tool for children who have difficulties with transitions, schedules, hygiene, appropriate social interaction, behaviors, attention, and learning. All songs are original melodies that are tailored to the needs of each child.

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Dedicated to providing highest quality music therapy services in Fort Collins & Northern Colorado
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